Product focus on energy from remainders, waste heat and efficiency improvement:

The NRGgroup GmbH is an innovative medium sized plant construction company focusing on decentralised energy supply and use.

Product and service specialisations include:

Our broad know-how facilitates the realisation of an integrated, coordinated and optimised overall system, which can live up to highest industrial demands over its service life cycle, by combining suitable technologies.

Maintenance service for the duration of the service life:

We place particular value on efficiency and performance over the entire service life cycle, since power plants often hold a crucial supplier position for production processes or other users down the line. We do not only take the initial investment into account, but consider necessary standard services, maintenance, minimisation of operating costs and production downtimes, as well as all necessary questions pertaining to your operations.

Ratings for decentralised energy supply and use:

We take into account the global trend to decentralise energy supply by offering our power plants usually on a scale of between 1 to 30 MW (thermal).